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Cub World

Huck Finn

Welcome to the world of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. This remarkable theme area has river rafts, straw hats with bib overalls, and fishin' with bamboo poles. Travel back in time with you pack and enjoy a slice of life on the mighty Tadma River. Don't forget to bring your worms!! The fish in this little traveled neck of the river are big enough to feed the whole pack!!

Kiehtan Indian Village

As you round the bend you begin to hear the drums... the boys in your pack give you a nervous look. What could it be? Your group is close together now, and the pace is quickened. You come to the crest of a hill and behold....spread out before you is a teepee village.

Lines of smoke drift up from small cooking fires. A friendly face approaches and greets your pack. Welcome to the Kiehtan Indian Village. The boys play Indian games. Some of them are seated in a circle making bead chokers. Others gather in a teepee to hear tales of great hunts. The smiles on their faces never dim.