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A Message from the Camp Director

Dear Cub Scout and Leader,
	Welcome to the 1997 Summer Camp experience at Camp Tadma.
This Program Guide is your ticket to the most rewarding program
Camp Tadma has to offer. This guide outlines the procedure for
check-in on Sunday, covers some camp rules and regulations, and
will assist you in selecting activities for your pack.

	Once again we request that each pack send a representative
to the pre-camp leader meeting held on the Tuesday evening prior
to your stay at camp. A schedule of dates is on page 2 of this
guide. Representation at this meeting is strongly encouraged to
ensure that your program requests are granted and leaders are
fully aware of camp procedures. All first year leaders should

	Please take time to read through the guide. Please complete
the program worksheet on page 8 and bring it with you to the pre-camp

	If you have any questions feel free to call me at home at
(860) 612-0154, or after June 20, at camp at (860) 887-1281. Questions
regarding registration or fees should be directed to the Council
Resource Center at (860) 289-6669. 

	Several new additions have come to Camp Tadma and my staff
and I are working hard to prepare for another great summer.

I'll see you at camp!!!! 

Frank Galliher
Camp Director