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Program Area Worksheet

On Monday through Wednesday your pack will follow a fixed rotation schedule during the day. The schedule will have you visiting Waterfront, BB Gun and Archery twice ; Nature and Athletics twice, Handicraft and Boating once . You also have an opportunity to visit all three specialty areas Huck Finn, Kiehtan Indian Village and Fort Tadma.

Pack Program Time is Monday & Wednesday 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Select four activities with #1 being the activity most desired.
{__} Athletic competition{__} Guided hike
{__} Nature program{__} Conservation project
{__} Boating{__} Whittlin' Chit
{__} Waterfront game{__} Skillcraft
{__} Archaeology
{__} Special Program - Make a request and if we have the resources we'll do our best to give you a program! {__} Pack Quality Time - A chance for you to conduct your own program within your pack, or maybe just go fishing with the boys!

This Worksheet Must Be Handed In At the Pre-Camp Meeting Along With any Outpost and Wilderness Reservation Forms