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Special Events

PhotographsA professional photographer will take photos of each campsite every week. These photographs are a great souvenir for your Cub Scout and his friends. You must purchase them on the Sunday you arrive and they will be distributed at the end of your stay.
Thursday Evening BarbequeThe conclusion of your stay at Camp Tadma is highlighted by an outdoor barbeque. This dinner is an excellent opportunity for the families of your Scouts to experience a bit of Camp Tadma. Dinner is served at 6:00pm on Thursday and is open to all family and friends of the Scouts. Cost is $6.00 per adult and $4.00 per child under eight. (The Scouts and leaders in camp for the week do not pay) Tickets for this banquet must be purchased on the Sunday you arrive in camp. The closing ceremony follows the meal at 7:15pm.
OutpostThe Tadma Outpost program is an overnight adventure open to all Webelos who are second year campers at Camp Tadma The boys meet after dinner at the dining hall and hike out to the Outpost. Once they settle into their site they are treated to an evening program that includes a campfire with song and skits, Tropical dessert, star gazing, and more. The request form for Tadma Outpost should be handed to the Program Director at the pre-camp meeting by the leader.
WildernessThe Wilderness Program is designed for second year Webelos who have been through the Outpost program.The Scouts depart from the dining hall on Tuesday afternoon after lunch, hiking to the Wilderness campsite. The Scouts experience Boy Scout style camping, plus more, including Orienteering, Scoutcraft, and primitive camping. The boys return to the dining hall for lunch on Wednesday. The Wilderness request form must be given to the Program Director at the pre-camp meeting by the leader.
Conservation ProjectsYour unit will have the opportunity to complete a conservation project while in camp. The purpose of this program is to introduce Cub Scouts and Webelos to the importance of preserving and protecting our fragile environment. The projects are small, yet the effect can be immense.
Campwide GameOn Sunday evening the entire camp participates in a camp wide game. The Scouts must piece together clues to solve a puzzle. We can't tell you any more, except to sharpen your observation skills.
Cub CarnivalOn Thursday afternoon the Scouts will experience Tadma's Cub Carnival. Held at our new expanded waterfront area, the fair is guaranteed to provide an outrageous time for all. Plan on getting wet.
Foil DinnersTuesday evening, otherwise known as "foil dinner night", is when packs cook their meals over an open fire in their own campsites. The food is prepared ahead of time in the kitchen and is simple to cook. Staff is on hand to assist in this time honored Tadma tradition. This is a chance to experience the true flavor of Scout Camp. (the kitchen staff really loves the time off!)
BMX CourseCamp Tadma's newly built BMX course will be open during free time only. Come down and take a ride on our exciting and challenging course.