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CampTadma's Indian Village

This theme area is based on the living environment and culture Native American Plains Indians. The Cubs gather in the center of an authentic Indian village to hear condensed explanations of the history and construction of the 25' tall tipis by knowledged staff. 

In order to give the scouts a feel of the lifestyle, a group of activities are set up for the Cubs. The activities include traditional Indian one-on-one & group games, and craftwork designed to allow the scouts to bring their experiences home with them. The games follow Indian tradition in that there are no losers, only participants. The crafts include Indian beadwork and the opportunity to build a miniature tipi to decorate and bring home (Don't worry parents, they do fit in the car...even with your son's gear)   Cubs and leaders with acute interests in Indian lore often consult with staff to learn much more.   An Outpost camping overnight for experienced Webelos utilizes the tipis to sleep in.